Cristina Lynn


About Cristina

IMG_0086PS1Cristina Lynn is a singer/song writer from north Alabama.  Besides being a picker and a grinner, she is a wife and mother.  She has one son who is her little man.  She also has a crazy cat and an even crazier dog.  Her family spends time together playing basketball, soccer, running and just trying to keep up with their hectic life. When she’s not writing music, she is working in her community on several organizations.  Multi-task is her middle name.

Although she’s taken the path less traveled, music, or more specifically singing, has always been a part of this artist’s life.  From a childhood spent singing a capella gospel songs every Sunday morning to participation in barbershop-style quartets and choirs, Cristina was performing long before she made the decision to be a performer. 

Once she decided to pursue her passion full-time she jumped in with both feet, teaching herself to play the guitar and fronting for a classic rock band to gain experience.  As she worked with various musicians and began her journey as a songwriter, Cristina developed an appreciation for the artists and writers who have influenced her own style: Hank Williams, John Prine, and Allison Krauss to name a few. 

The past couple of years Cristina has performed extensively across the Tennessee Valley honing her skills and developing a loyal following.  She has released two CDs What’s Next and From All Sides.

Cristina has many people that have helped her along the way.